Hello there!

Collaboration in software repository projects

Most of my software contributions can be accessed on My GitHub Profile. But there is a couple of external repositories where I have collaborated. I list them:

  1. SIPFD 🔗: Supersingular Fixed Degree Isogeny Path problem;
  2. Faulty isogenies 🔗: a new kind of leakage;
  3. A formula for disaster 🔗: a unified approach to elliptic curve special-point-based attacks;
  4. sibc 🔗 (latest version here 🔗): a python3-code library dedicated to supersingular isogeny-based cryptography constructions;
  5. Fully projective radical isogenies in constant-time 🔗: a constant-time Python-code implementation of CSURF and the radical isogeny procedures;
  6. ECCKiila 🔗: a dynamic ECC SW stacks generator w/good security properties and fast performance, which includes rigging for downstream projects such as OpenSSL, gost-engine, NSS, etc;